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"Arts and Arms of the Samurai"
-A Major Japanese Cultural Event-
October 7, 8, 9, 2011
Minneapolis, MN

Event Schedule

The schedule of events has yet to be finalized. Tentatively, we plan to have the following events, demonstrations, lectures, exhibits, and seminars:

Shinsa- sword and sword fittings appraisal by a team of experts from Japan. (see details on the Shinsa page)

Large vendor area where vendors will have swords, Japanese antiques, pottery, calligraphy, kimono, books, and the like for sale to the pubic.

Demonstrations and displays of tsuka-maki (handle wrapping).

Exhibits of Shinshin-to swords, Tsuba, pottery (sake utensils), zen calligraphy (sword related people (Tesshu, Nantenbo, Togo, Araki Sadao, Toyama Mitsuru, Uchida Ryohei, Nakayama Hakudo, etc.), Ikebana (flower arrangements), and Bonsai.

Lectures on sword polishing appraisal, sword flaws, and sword judging are scheduled.

Special lectures will be held. Topics and times to be determined.

There will be a seminar on bonsai fundamentals with open enrollment.  Sign-up information will be available shortly.

For further information, please contact the Midwest Token Kenkyu Kai through the following individual:

Chris Bowen
PO Box 99
Mt. Hope, WI 53816